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Welcome to all our new members and on-line guests. It's been 14 years since was launched and we have been steadly growing and becoming more popular, constantly adding new website features and offering the best service possible.

The last few months have been so exciting, seeing the site grow so rapidly due to a few changes and latest features being incorporated. We have added the My Loads, My Trucks sections and more will follow.

Established in 2007, has realized the need to meet every aspect of your freighting requirements. Through our long standing association with more than 50 specialized carriers in Southern Africa, we have managed to position ourselves as a specialized networking portal in the logistics industry.

We provide a web based service by linking customers with the most suitable carriers, from small airfreight to large roadfreight consignments. Whether documents, boxes, pallets, bulk loads, 6m, 12m & 18m flat-decks, taut-liners and containers, the portal will connect you with the right carrier/service without any 3rd party interference .

Freight can be daunting to those who don’t know the ins and outs, and with a little help and guidance from our automated system, a huge nightmare can become effortless. Our aim is to make the process of securing a carrier/transporter quick and easy with our automated system, by offering reliable services at market-related rates to satisfy the valued customers' diverse freighting needs and budgets.

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