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You are here: Home News & Events At least R16bn for port infrastructure development

At least R16bn for port infrastructure development

The Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA) says it will invest at least R16bn on infrastructure development at ports in the Western Region over the next seven years.

"Our capital investment plan demonstrates our commitment to the operationalisation of our Reimagined TNPA operating model that was launched in 2021. We are intentional about prioritising capital projects that will create future capacity, whilst not neglecting the immediate needs required to enhance port efficiencies," Difeto said.

The investment will be broken down as follows:

• R2.2bn to be invested at the Port of Mossel Bay for projects, including the deepening of the port and Quay 4, as well as breakwater extension.

• R 8.4bn to be invested at Saldanha for projects, including the extension of Berth 205, berth construction of the ore expansion phase 2, as well as the refurbishment of the main breakwater and causeway rock revetment.

According to TNPA, at least R452m is expected to be spent on western region ports in the current financial year.

"At the Port of Mossel Bay, some of the key capital projects include the slipway facility refurbishment and Quay 3 sheet pilling. These key projects form part of the Port of Mossel Bay’s R10.2m port infrastructure development plan for 2022/23.

“The implementation of capital projects planned for the Port of Saldanha for 2022/23… includes the acquisition of a tugboat, installation of perimeter fencing and provision of bulk power. These will derive capital expenditure of R182m for the port in 2022/23.

"In the current financial year, the Port of Cape Town will see the delivery of a robust R260m capital programme, comprising the procurement of a helicopter and the replacement of two tugboats. Phase 2 of the Cape Town Container Terminal expansion and the acquisition of ten dry dock cranes form part of the port’s seven-year programme," the authority said.

• R5.5bn to be spent at the Port of Cape Town on several projects.

TNPA Infrastructure general manager, Thecla Mneney, said a revived, committed approach has been taken to improve the ports.

"As we sharpen our focus on capital investment deliverables, we acknowledge the historical under-expenditure. It is for this reason that we have adopted a fresh approach to project execution, an approach that ensures all hands on deck from the project sponsors, engineers and support teams through participation in CAPEX War Rooms," Mneney said.

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