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Closed BodiesClosed Bodies(8ton)South Africa2021-02-26
1. scania R420 & G460, both interlink trailers flatbeds 2. Volvo FH12 v1, interlink trailers flatbeds. Valid papers/permits, SACU permit. GIT P500K Links(34 tonne)Botswana2021-02-25
Side TipperSide Tipper(34)South Africa2021-03-08
2018 Iveco 480 Stralis can load 36 tons Tautliner(36 ton)South Africa2021-03-01
Low BedLow Bed(40 Tons)South Africa2021-02-22
We have 6 Tri Axles to move commodities to and from SA-Zambia-DRC Tri Axel Flat Bed(30 tons)South Africa2021-02-22
LinksLinks(34 Tons )South Africa2021-02-22
freightliner 600 4axel 45ton lowbedLow Bed(45ton)South Africa2021-02-18
Closed BodiesClosed Bodies(7 Ton )South Africa2021-02-17
7 Ton closed truck for hire Closed Bodies(11000)South Africa2021-02-17
Closed BodiesClosed Bodies(11,000)South Africa2021-02-17
renault 440 horse plus driver for hire Tri Axel Flat Bed(34t)South Africa1/22021
Flat BedFlat Bed(36)Namibia17 February 2021
Lowbeds and abnormal load trucks availableLow Bed(from 40 ton)South Africa2021-02-14
Side TipperSide Tipper(34000)South Africa2021-02-11
Hyundai HD 72 Closed Bodies(4000)South Africa2021-02-10
Closed BodiesClosed Bodies(4500)South Africa2021-02-10
Isuzu 8 tonne available Flat Bed(8 tonne )South Africa2021-02-10
Tri Axel Flat BedTri Axel Flat Bed(34000)South Africa2021-02-10
M/B 1214 7.5 ton size bin lenth 6.5m X whith 2.3m X height 2.4m. with tail lift.Closed Bodies(7.5)South Africa2021-02-15
LinksLinks(32)South Africa2021-02-01
Supalink tautlinerTautliner(32)South Africa2021-02-01
Side TipperSide Tipper(34)South Africa2021-02-05
34T Truck & Trailer available 2 axle flat deck c/w pole pockets & container locks email admin@cclogisticssa.co.zaFlat Bed(34)South Africa01/02/2021
LinksLinks(34)South Africa01/02/2021

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