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Welcome to Laaimylorrie, your online Transport Broker community for Southern Africa. ( Namibia, South Africa, Botswana, Angola, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Zambia, DRC, Mocambique, Lesotho )

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We aim at offering a professional service, and in so doing require as much input as possible from our members. We aim at making sure that you are paying for the best possible solution for your transport requirements, making sure the trip is logistically viable to the client and that we are using the best contractor at the best possible price. Laaimylorrie - Doing Crossborder Business in Southern Africa. For more information about us and our website, click here.

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GAUTENG, South Africa

Company profile

15 March 2010

Company Details
Company Name
Emerald Sky Trading 260 (Pty) Ltd /
M & C Cargo / Seabi Management Consultants Joint Venture

Cell Phone Number
082 944 2556 Steve Fourie
082 927 7373 Lucas Pheiffer
076 245 3183 Mark – M & C Cargo JV
074 107 5609 Cindy - M & C Cargo JV

Telephone Number
035 789 1010

Email Address

Fax Number
086 517 7478
086 667 7373


Type of Business
Private Company Share Ownership:
LM Pheiffer 25%
H Pheiffer 25%
S Fourie 25%
EM Fourie 25%


Company Registration Number

VAT Number

Tax Number

Value Proposition
• Emerald Sky provides services to Institutions requiring Financial and IT solutions as well as the moving and management of freight, which is not part of their core business strategy.
• The movement of Freight is highly specialized and can be very costly if not managed properly, which is the service that Emerald Sky would be able to fulfill.
• Unlike normal Freight Solution companies, we strive to deliver long term quality service and value. We tailor-made solutions for each requirement, but which are flexible enough to adapt to changes in conditions as required.

What We Deliver To Our Clients / Customers
1. The needs that we address are:
- Bookkeeping and Administration Services
- Income Tax consultations
- Office & Home IT Solutions
- Movement of Freight and Storage Solutions
2. The value we bring is:
- All services are personally rendered by the directors in the company therefore all solutions provided are tailor-made by experts in their relevant fields.

Development Profile

1. Emerald Sky started to fulfil a need in the market to supply effective and reliable services in the Financial, Administration and Freight areas. Every company specializes in their core business needs, and therefore the above areas are not always properly attended to. The unique combination of skills within our company can create intuitive and reliable solutions for many business problems addressing the above.
2. We will further develop our skills on a continuous basis, and strive to ensure that we will be able to deliver as required by our customers.

1. To deliver quality service in Financial, IT and Freight Management for small to large business entities within Southern Africa. We want to be recognized as a competent player in the field of Financial, IT and Freight Management for our clients through our combined experiences and commitment to excellence.

Emerald Sky wants to transact and work with business entities with high ethical and core values.
We will develop tailor-made business solutions for SMME’s and larger corporations and conduct our business with the utmost professionalism and ethics.

Philosophy / Core Values
We conduct all business with honesty and transparency, professionalism and due diligence to all commitments and promises made. All tasks are performed by stakeholders in the company and will thereby ensure that all commitments are attended to with the utmost competence.

Our Goals
1. Supply competitive solutions in Freight Management without compromising quality.
2. Providing on-time solutions that are cost effective and reliable.

Key Success Factors
1. Forming of Reliable Transport partnerships.
2. Securing Long Term reliable supply contracts and relations.

Business Strategy

We will concentrate on creating partnerships with suppliers in order to fulfil the requirements from our customers. We can effectively manage hardware requirements through our partners by procuring long term usage contracts, based on each customer’s needs. Partners have already been identified to supply such new hardware. As they will be new, these items will be reliable and may be customized to the specifications for each contract.

Growth Strategy
We will aim to limit our growth to our capacity, as to ensure that our customers will not lose the value that they have been accustomed to. As the need arise, new partnerships will be formed with suppliers, but special care will be taken that these suppliers will be able to deliver to our required standards.

Owners & Key Role Players
The following persons serves as directors in Emerald Sky and detailed with each their respective roles and skills:

1. Steve Fourie
Steve Fourie has 34 years experience in Freight handling and logistics. During this time he worked with Portnet and was responsible for the management of Cargo transport from client to port, stack management of vessels and management of staff and equipment.

2. Lucas Pheiffer

Lucas Pheiffer is a qualified Accountant with 16 years experience Sales, Financial, IT and Managent. During this time he worked mainly on the motor Industry and filled positions such as Credit Manager, Divisional Financial Accountant, Sales Manager and Dealership Manager. The experience obtained is utilized to analyze business values and finding business solutions that are competitive.

The above two person’s form the core of Emerald Sky and by joining their skills, a formidable team is formed which can together create and manage business solutions for each of their clients.

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